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    Stepping down in stakes IS hard!


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    Stepping down in stakes IS hard!

    Post by tbdbitl on Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:18 pm

    It's been a while since I wrote my first thoughts on Bankroll Management. Mostly I wrote it because I thought people were putting too much emphasis on the proper plays once at a table and not enough on what stakes and how much a player should bring to the table.

    What I have found that Chris Ferguson was right on in his article Starting from Zero. About midway down in his article you'll find a couple of things.

    "Dropping down and playing lower limits is difficult for a lot of players. They view it as a failure and their egos get in the way."

    "You can continue to sharpen your game at that lower limit until your bankroll allows you to move up and take another shot."

    I have had a hard time, twice now, stepping down in stakes. In both cases I think I held on to long. The first time I had to step down, I found that there were problems that I had let slip back into my game. I think the second time I may have not had as many problems, but the mistakes I was making combined with the bad run of cards and luck I was having produced the same results as the first down swing. Another factor that I think played a huge impact on my down turn was my love of multi-tabling. The playing multiple tables is not a problem, but sitting down with 15 % of my bankroll at one time in ring games was.

    When you set your limits on how much you can sit down with, just remember that's at a time not at each table!

    I am currently plugging away again at UB's .05/.10 tables. I'm guessing that playing between the Freerolls and SnGs on other sites and my cash games on UB offers yet another challenge. I just may have to sit back and examine to see if the differences in game strategies may be playing a roll into the shifts I see in each game type.

    I may just have to add some articles to this rambling that covers exactly the topic of shifting between games of different strategies.

    Good Luck At The Tables All!

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    Re: Stepping down in stakes IS hard!

    Post by MRNASTYONE on Sun Dec 20, 2009 3:26 pm

    Great info tbd. People do just concentrate on their actual play and seem to forget about bankroll management. You can always tell who those people are at the tables. They tend to throw away or get bluffed out of winning hands due to the fact they have all their chips at the table.

    My biggest problem is when I have lost and have to step down, I do not take a break before I do and am on mini-tilt. I should probably shut off my pc, wait until the following day to play and bring a winning attitude to the table.

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    Re: Stepping down in stakes IS hard!

    Post by spowers454 on Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:45 pm

    That has always been a huge problem for me that I am just now beginning to get a handle on. And just for the reasons stated, I felt as if I had failed which is understandable when I would go from the 2/1 NL then after a horrible run, rather from cards or play losing and having to drop down all the while asking myself how did I go from playing for a few hundred a hand to the kiddie tables, ie the penny/nickel/dime tables. One of the ways that I have been able to help myself with that is even when I have the bankroll to play the higher stakes I still make sure I take the time to play a site with a smaller roll on it and therefore lower limits which keeps me adjusted to the lower limits and can distract me to the fact that I am back to playing a lower limit on a site I am used to playing higher on because I am still playing the lower limits on a regular basis.


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    Re: Stepping down in stakes IS hard!

    Post by SilverMama16 on Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:45 am

    My bankroll management skills are horrible. I have been playing in the mornings and have bad luck with the russian invasion. THEY WON`T FOLD ANYTHING!!! They will call a $1 pre-flop raise with 2-7 at the 5 and dime tables. I get so ticked when I have a pocket pair and continue to raise and when the river hits, they win with straight or some horse $*&% like that. Then i`m on tilt mode until I am busted!!!

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    Re: Stepping down in stakes IS hard!

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