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    It's about time!!!


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    It's about time!!!

    Post by spowers454 on Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:19 pm

    Well for any other Carolina fans this past Sunday was a great day...Finally after blowing the playoffs last season and ruining so many more games this season Delhomme is finally on the bench. Moore is without question not a superstar but only turned the ball over once, wow we can win without 5 picks in a game followed by a fumble or two. I've heard so many people try to pass blame to the O-line and receivers and it drives me nuts. Bottom line if you lead the league in interceptions... YOU SUCK. Was so glad to see him benched and hope to never see him on the field again... Well not as a panther. Maybe if some else picks him up he will finally be able to complete a pass to a Carolina reciever. cheers

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