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    Reasons why you shouldn't play AK like the nuts.


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    Reasons why you shouldn't play AK like the nuts.

    Post by spowers454 on Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:07 pm

    Just because AK is the best starting DRAWING hand means nothing. It is still a slight dog to any pair and around a 10% dog to bigger pairs. I see people playing them like Aces everyday and while I have done it myself it is still not a habit I get into. I would take some mid suited connectors any day over AK, AQ and surly AJ. Why is it that some people see an ace with a good kicker and feel the urge to play it as bad as humanly possible??? AK has become one of those all or nothing hands an in most case there is no need for it to be. Say you get AK and raise preflop. Flop comes kj9, so many people see that top pair top kicker and ignore the fact that some people would call a raise no matter what with any 2 paint cards so and most of the time calls come from paint hands or pairs. So even though your holding that top top hand you choose to ignore what all could beat you and what draws could be in the hand that you will not be able to bet out of the hand and just insta-allin. I know somewhere in the back of you head you are thinking did that fool really call with KJ or even QT. So why over play a marginal hand? Now don't get me wrong here, when the guy did this against me yesterday and I took him for everything he had at the table I was plenty happy, mostly cause I was holding the QT calling from the button vs the guy that had raises almost every hand that he wasn't in the big blind. Just like a hundred other overplaying idiots he couldn't fold that ak no matter how many times he got reraised. When I get dealt a hand I look at many things, position, who else is in the pot, raise size and from who, but the biggest factor is what is my risk vs reward. I kinda have my own way of looking at this. AK sure I will play it most of the time but I know that Ak tend to be a coin flip kind of hand win some lose some, and a lot of the times the loses are kinda big, even with a rag flop you want to call thinking that they have high cards to and sometimes that is the case others you just fishing for those few outs. When I see pocket pairs, low if I miss my set I know I've lose all I'm going to lose in the hand mid it just depends on the flop. When I get some mid to low suited connecting cards I know that I will win a good sized pot or lose very little. Miss the flop and I am done only losing what I called to see the flop and if I hit then odds are I'm going to bank something decent off the hand cause nobody will put me on the hand I have. I just don't see how so many people put so much stock in a high card hand, which until it hits is all that it is.... Drives my completely nuts.

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